Powder Coating in Jefferson City, MO

Powder Coating in Jefferson City, MO
Many of the metal parts of your vehicle need a protective finish to stay in top form and operate efficiently. Xtreme Body and Paint provides this with decorative and protective powder coating services. Our experts will apply a coat of this powder finish to your metal products, such as wheels, grills, and more. Xtreme Body and Paint uses a huge curing oven to help powder coat the metal on your vehicle.

Xtreme Body and Paint is a member of the Powder Coating Institute and is fully certified to provide powder coating solutions. We also offer hundreds of unique coloring options and textures to coat your vehicle.

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Other coating services we provide include high-pressured, sprayed-on truck bed liners, sand blasting, and media blasting. These services provide protection for your vehicle from rust and corrosion, as well as water damage. 
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